Green Earth


A large amount of money is being saved on energy bills with
the help of glazed windows with energy efficient glass.

One third of all CO2 emissions are created by homes in the U.K. High amounts of energy loss are being restricted with the help of energy efficient glazing and in real science terms could save the equivalent of a Jumbo Jet flying from New York to London and London to India.

In comparison to standard double glazing three times more thermal insulation
can be generated with energy rated glass.

It doesn’t affect the amount of natural light passing through the
glass and internal heat is saved making it financially efficient as well.

The British Fenestration Rating Council(BFRC) a Government supported independent body launched the labelling scheme of Window Energy Rating(WER) in the U.K. where ā€œAā€ is considered as the highest grade for efficiency and ā€œGā€ is the lowest. This helps customers make the right decision regarding energy saving for themselves.